Ricks Welding Service, LLC
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Leading-Edge Tools for Welding and Fabrication

Turn to Ricks Welding Service, LLC when looking for all your aluminum welding and general fabrication repair needs. Our company in Baltimore, Maryland, utilizes tungsten inert gas or TIG welding for all metal work including sculptural art by commission. Soon, we'll also be offering CAD and CNC cutting for our clients.


Mobile Welding Repair 

Whenever you're in need of a quick fix for all your cracked, broken, or scarred fabrications, you can trust us. We provide on-site services and we can even bring the equipment needed for large-scale projects and requests. As long as you're within a 25-mile radius of our coverage area, you'll get serviced at no extra charge. Anything further than that may require a small additional fee.

TIG Welding

For ferrous and non-ferrous materials, mobile TIG welding can be your best bet. We work with ferrous materials with a focus on aluminum and stainless steel.

Man Welding