Ricks Welding Service, LLC
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Leading-Edge Tools for Welding and Fabrication

Turn to Ricks Welding Service, LLC when looking for all your aluminum welding and general fabrication repair needs. Our company in Baltimore, Maryland, specializes in tungsten inert gas or TIG welding for most metal work including sculptural art by commission.

We utilize certi-flat fixture tables with a working tolerance of +/- .015" (+/- .381mm)


Mobile Welding & Contractor Services

Ricks Welding Service, LLC offers mobile welding services to a variety of clients and industries. On site services are pivotal to prevent logistical challenges; and to keep your project moving forward. We also offer short term weldor contracts for projects that require additional skilled hands.

Passivation Services

Ricks Welding Service, LLC offers passivation services for stainless steel weldments; delivering the highest quality product your client. Passivation services are billed separately.

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